Brand Identity

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What is a brand identity?


Brand identity is outlined as a visible illustration of a complete and is what causes you to instantly recognizable to potential clients.

A brand image may be a holistic approach to a brand’s visual parts and embraces things like:

A color palette
A strategic brand style
Specific typography or face
mental imagery and graphic elements
It can even include brand values, worker coaching strategies and customer service approaches, ultimately something that helps specific who your brand is.

Together, these parts produce an identity for a company’s brand that can set it except the competition and establish the same and repeatable approach to selling materials and touchpoints.

Through consistency, your audience can learn to associate your complete identity along with your specific product or service and set the inspiration for establishing brand loyalty.

The brand identity describes how this framework is meaningfully communicated to the end-user or customer. Brand identity is important at every step of the RACE framework:

  • Scope: The goal can be growth or pivot. Whatever the goal, it could be the first interaction between a potential customer and a brand. Brand identity must outsmart the competition, but also appeal to them in order to convey clear value and meet their needs.
  • Action: Brand identity builds credibility. By presenting a genuine and relevant offer, customers are more likely to take action to explore a brand. positioned correctly, it ensures safety throughout the conversion process.
  • Engagement: The brand identity defines the experience so that the customer believes that the product or service met their need. This is the element that returns 

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