Graphics Design

We assist you with Graphics Design to assist you to grow your business and reach new clients.


Creadisign & Marketing offers creative graphic design services. Graphic design services are equally important as website design. Having a website is a must in this world of digital marketing. But everything goes in vain when images and aesthetic art designs are not appealing. When a user visits a website, the first thing he notices is your company’s logo design, so you need to have a creative logo design to capture the user’s attention. We are the best graphic design company in Kolkata that looks after your brand identity in a creative way. Grow your brand online with the best designs that suit your business niche.

The cycle, we follow for graphic design services.  

Creadisign & Marketing offers a full-service range of graphic design. From being a top logo design company in Kolkata to excelling in every field to meet your demands. Talking in the air is not that big a deal, but we follow a lengthy process to deliver what is actually required for any graphic design.

It is quite important because: 

Define: The first step begins with your definition. You are the one who needs to describe your requirements and business niche. Your work ends here. From here, we take up and understand what actually needs to be done.

Research: After getting your requirements, we study your business niche and see what can actually get a more engaging audience. After thorough research, we finally see what type of design is required for your business.

Brainstorming: In this step, we thoughtfully merge your requirements with our research and finally decide on colour combinations. Colours play a really important role in the graphic, so we need to choose the contrasts as per the brand logo.

Design: Finally, we execute the thought from our mind in a frame. Here we finally design the creative in our software and make all the necessary changes, once a design is completed.

Client Review: We send the design to our clients and ask for their feedback. If everything is okay, we move on to our next step, but if our client needs any more changes in the creative, our team will follow up and make the changes.

Finalize: After everything is done, the design is finalized upon receiving approval from our clients. We send the final soft copy to our clients, and our work ends here.

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